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    Syllabus of Engineering Physics Institute of Engineering (IOE)

    Engineering Physics

    First Year First Part (Year I, Part I)

    Course Objectives:
    To provide the concept and knowledge of physics with the emphasis of present day application. The background of physics corresponding to Proficiency Certificate Level is assumed.

    1. Oscillation
    - Mechanical Oscilaation
    - Free Oscillation
    - Damped Oscillation
    - Forced Mechanical Oscillation
    - EM Oscillation: Free, Damped and Forced

    2. Wave Motion
    - Waves and Particles
    - Progressive Wave
    - Energy, Power and Intensity of Progressive Wave

    3. Acoustics
    - Reverberation
    - Sabine's Law
    - Ultrasound and its Applications

    4. Physical Optics
    - Interference: Intensity in double slit; Interference in thin films; Newton's ring; Hadinger fringes
    - Diffraction: Fresnel and Fraunhoffer's diffraction; intensity due to single slit; Diffraction Grating; X-ray diffraction
    - Polarization: Double refraction; Nichol prism, wave plates; Optical activity, specific rotation

    5. Geometrical Optics
    - Lenses and combination of lenses
    - Cardinal Points
    - Chromatic Aberration

    6. Laser and Fiber Optics
    - Laser Production: He-Ne laser and uses
    - Fiber Optics: Self focusing and Applications of fiber

    7. Electrostatics
    - Electric charge and force
    - Electric field and potential
    - Electrostatic potential energy
    - Capacitors, capacitor with dielectric
    - Charging and Discharging of a Capacitor

    8. Electromagnetism
    - Direct Current: Ohm's law, resistance, resistivity; semiconductor and superconductor
    - Magnetic field: magnetic force and torque; hall effect; cyclotron, synchrotron; biot-savart law; ampere law; faraday's law of induction; induced magnetic field; displacement current

    9. Electromagnetic Waves
    - Maxwell's Equations
    - Wave Equations, Speed
    - E and B Fields
    - Continuity Equation
    - Energy Transfer

    10. Photon and Matter Waves
    - Quantization of Energy
    - Electrons and Matter Waves
    - Schrodinger Wave Equation
    - Probability Distribution
    - One Dimensional Potential Well
    - Uncertainty Principle
    - Barrier Tunneling


    1. Fundamentals of Physics: Halliday, Resnick, Walker (Latest Edition)
    2. A text book of Optics: Brij Lal and Subrahmanyam (Latest edition)
    3. Modern Engineering Physics: A. S. Basudeva
    4. Engineering Physics: R. K. Gaur and S. L. Gupta
    5. Waves and Oscillation: Brij Lal and Subrahmanyam


    1. Minimum of 5 practicals covering all the chapters is required.

    Marking Scheme:

    ChaptersHoursMark Distribution

    There may be minor deviation in mark distribution*

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