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    B.E. and B.Arch. Entrance Examination Syllabus -2077 - English

    Comprehension of reading passages on a variety of topics and style with special references to 

    (i) General English and

    (ii) Technical English. Grammar – Familiarity with the following aspects: 

    1. Parts of Speech
    2. Basic Grammatical Patterns / Structures
    3. Tense and Aspect
    4. Conditional sentences
    5. Verbals: infinitives, Participles and Gerunds 
    6. Direct and Indirect Speech
    7.  Active and Passive Voice
    8. Kinds of Sentences
    9. Transformation of sentences
    10. Concord /Agreement
    11. Vocabulary, Use of Prepositions
    12. Idiomatic expressions
    13. Punctuation
    14. Phonemes and phonetic symbols
    15. Word Stress

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